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Making Good Wine

By Bryce Rankine

Wine has captured the interest of Australians and New Zealanders as never before. The annual per-capita consumption in both countries has steadily been rising and many new wineries are appearing.
Making Good Wine is the first book specifically on winemaking for Australian and New Zealand conditions.
Making Good Wine is intended for professional and amateur winemakers, students, wine lovers and buffs who want to know more about wine. It explains the principles as well as the practices of wine making, and highlights the remarkable nature of the product. Topics covered include background on the wine industry; grape development and composition; winery establishment and layout; winemaking procedures; maturation, stabilisation, clarification, packaging; winemaking faults and their prevention; quality control tasting and analysis.
Making Good Wine has been reprinted over a dozen times since its first publication, and is considered the technical bible for Australian and New Zealand wine industries. This is the first new edition of what has become a bestselling classic, and is aimed particularly at students and new people entering the wine industry.